Caleb Whitlock


  • Major: Music and English (Minor)

  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  • Member Since: Fall 2015

Voice Part: Bass

Desired Voice Part: Countertenor

Anticipated Graduate Year: 2019

What music are you listening to right now? Jon Bellion

Which Psalm member are you most like? Kayla - we mentally process in very similar ways

Desired Superlative: Best memes

What is your newest “thing”? Granola bars for breakfast

What is an embarrassing fact about you? Idk I've pooped my pants an unreasonable amount of times

What was the last thing you ate? Granola bar

What is your favorite state? California

Favorite Quote: "Love means an interior and spiritual identification with one's brother" - Thomas Merton

Favorite Thing About Psalm 100: Awkward gigs

If you had to max out your credit card at one place, where would it be?