Gilson Kingman


  • Co-Video Guy, Webmaster , Self-appointed (unofficial) Theology Consultant of Psalm 100
  • Major: Exercise & Sport Science
  • Hometown: Advance, NC
  • Member Since: Fall 2014

If you had to max out your credit card at one place, where would it be? Steam

Voice Part (Desired): Soprano II

Voice Part (Actual): Tenor I

Anticipated Graduate Year: 2018 (or 3000)

Desired Superlative: Most Likely to organize a group hangout and then not show up

Which current Psalm member are you most like? JPZ, with Caleb as a runner-up

What was the last thing you ate? Butch's Mile High Club from Alpine (highly recommend)

What music have you been into recently? Beautiful Eulogy's album "Worthy," miscellaneous Chillhop, and songified Markiplier

What is your "thing"/what are you best known for: Being by myself and playing assorted video games

What's an embarrassing fact about yourself?  I'm by myself and play a lot of video games

Favorite Quote: "Being satisfied in God is not a description of any outward emotional state." -- John Piper

Anything else you want to add / you think we missed? I'm much friendlier than how this profile portrays me. Message me, let's hang out.