Gilson Kingman

Senior | Tenor 1

  • Co-Video Guy, Webmaster 
  • Major: Exercise & Sport Science
  • Hometown: Advance, NC
  • Member Since: Fall 2014

Favorite Song We Sing: Though You Slay Me

Random Superlative: Most likely to singlehandedly plan an event and not show up to it

Favorite Shampoo: Dove for men, obviously

One Interesting Thing About You: I'm 25% Sicilian

Instruments You Play: Guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, glass Coke bottle(s), espresso machine

Favorite Outfit: Skinny jeans with a dolphin cut tunic and zero footwear

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? My superpower would be the Flash's superpower so that I could run fast enough to generate an infinite density punch from everywhere and every time

Favorite Quote: "You think Creation was great? I mean do you really think the universe is something? It's like a PEANUT, in the pocket, of Jesus. THIS, is big: when the Father and the Son conspire before the foundation of the world to redeem a people for themself by the entrance of ALL-mighty God into this world to be SPIT on, and swallowed up in human darkness in order to shatter that [same] darkness and bring his ENEMIES into his everlasting Kingdom, SAVED to sin no more, THAT'S great." -John Piper

One Thing You've Never Done: I've never been to a Twenty One Pilots concert and not wept sporadically throughout the entire show

Favorite Band in Middle School: Metallica, for sure

Nicknames/alter egos: Jill / Junior Gil / Diva Gil / Athlete Gil / Mathlete Gil / Social Gil / Psycho Gil / Pok├ęGil / Silent Gil / Nature Gil / Bookworm Gil
and Jack Skellington

Who is the most profound biblical expositor and astonishing theological preacher of our time? John Piper