Olivia Davis

First Year

  • Major: Exercise and Sports Science and Psychology

  • Hometown: East Bend, NC

  • Member Since: Fall 2018

Voice Part: Alto

Desired Voice Part: Beat Boxer

Anticipated Graduate Year: 2022

What music are you listening to right now? Ben rector all day errryday, johnnyswim, the band camino, lumineers, the avett brothers

Which Psalm member are you most like? Tori for sure

Desired Superlative: Most likely to not say anything in a psalm discussion

What is your newest “thing”? Really substandard calligraphy

What is an embarrassing fact about you? i thought hors d’oeuvres was pronounced like “horz devorz” for 18 years of my life until i saw kayla say that it wasn’t pronounced that way (see Kayla Rutledge’s page)

What was the last thing you ate? honey roasted chickpeas ya

What is your favorite state? Wyoming

Favorite Quote: “Jesus did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive.” -Ravi Zecharias

“38+2 weeks pregananant?”

Favorite Thing About Psalm 100: i just reaallllyyy love the people it’s brought me man