Stephen Rich


  • Major: Media & Journalism (Advertising)
  • Hometown: Greensboro, NC
  • Member Since: Fall 2014

If you had to max out your credit card at one place, where would it be? Urban Outfitters

Voice Part (Desired): Soprano 1

Voice Part (Actual): Tenor 2

Anticipated Graduate Year: Spring 2018

Desired Superlative: Trendiest plzzz

Which current Psalm member are you most like? I am most like? Kayla (Start Here // Never Stop) Do I most like? Caleb tbh

What was the last thing you ate? Mmm cinnamon buns

What music have you been into recently? LANY, Bon Iver, Sam Smith, Tallest Man On Earth

What is your "thing"/what are you best known for? #black #skinnies

What's an embarrassing fact about yourself? I didn't make the 6th grade basketball team and have never played basketball since #ball #is #not #life

Favorite pair of shoes right now: Hi-top PF Flyers

Best place in the world? New York

Where are you from? NYC lol jk @jere

Biggest insecurity: My teeth are yellow bc i drink too much coffee