Tori Dunlap

Junior | Historian + Choreographer

  • Major: Human Development and Family Studies and Sociology

  • Hometown: charLIT

  • Member Since: Fall 2017

Voice Part: the uvula

Desired Voice Part: the uvula

Anticipated Graduate Year: 2021

What music are you listening to right now? CHRISTIAN RAP DON'T LIE U LOVE IT TOO

Which Psalm member are you most like? hopefully Jackson (JMO U R MY HERO)

Desired Superlative: best croc jibbitz

What is your newest “thing”? NAILS THAT SPARKLE

What is an embarassing fact about you? I am TERRIFIED of having food in my teeth while I'm talking to someone, so I frequently ask acquaintances to be homie and LET ME KNOW !

What was the last thing you ate? a granola bar with peanuts in it IM SO SORRY IF U HAVE ALLERGIES!

What music have you been into recently? I am going to a Kesha concert soon, and I have exclusively been listening to her music in preparation :,)

What is your newest “thing”? the ave maria challenge (hit me with ur best shot)

What is your favorite state? south dakota - #SB2K20 better watch out

Favorite Quote: crank it like a chainsaw

Favorite Thing About Psalm 100: cranking it like a chainsaw

Anything else you think we missed? Tbh I'd like to take this time to talk about my dog. Her name is Hazel, and I just love her so much. She is so nice, and she sheds a lot but I am not even mad about it. She is so talented too. Recently, my gma sent me a Hazel update, and turns out, she learned how to open up my gma's bird cage. WOW, she is so talented. I am more impressed each day. That is all.