Every two years, Psalm 100 releases a new album. We release physical copies, as well as make it available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music .

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Newest Album: "Beckoning"

There comes a time in each of our lives when the weight of our pain and suffering seems too much to bear. The things we’ve done wrong in the past still haunt us. We don’t share everything with the people we love because we are afraid that they won’t love the person we truly are. From the moment of our first breath, we’ve had a longing to be loved and accepted.

“Beckoning” is a story about God’s steady pursuit of us no matter where we are or what we’ve done. Songs like “When a Heart Breaks” and “Hometown/Fake You Out” remind us of when we’ve been hurt and felt inadequate, and pieces like “You Loved My Heart to Death” and “How Deep the Father’s Love” contain the painful reminder that it was our mistakes that drove the nails into the hands of Jesus. Yet, in these moments we hear the songs “Mercy” and “Out of Hiding” and are reminded that God longs for us to be with Him - so much so that He sent His Son to die for us. The brokenness that we carry with us was buried in the grave and the answer to our longing to be loved and accepted now lies in the outstretched arms of Jesus. Songs like “Multiplied” and “Liberty” display the joy and freedom that comes with following a God who never changes throughout the seasons of our lives.

"Beckoning" also features a dynamic range of electrifying pop covers, ranging from radio dance anthems to Motown classics. Each track is accessibly interpreted and meaningfully expanded in Psalm 100's signature rich arrangement style.

No matter who you are or where you are, this album was made for you. You are so loved.

Past Albums

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Psalm 100 Live (2015)

Hear your favorite Psalm 100 songs performed and recorded entirely real-time at our Spring 2015 concert! Psalm 100 Live is a full experience - ranging from Top 20 pop hits to deeply moving ancient hymns. Also includes two studio-recorded tracks: "Home" and "Pompeii-Safe and Sound," available exclusively on the live album.

Farthest Seas (2014)

Our second full album, "Farthest Seas," follows a dialogue between a restless soul and a relentlessly loving God. Songs like "Come to Me," "Slow Your Breath Down" and "Be Still" narrate a Father's invitations to peace, and songs like "Awake My Soul," "Oh How I Need You" and "Hymn" give the wandering soul's longing response to His calling.

The Touring EP (2013)

"The Touring" was an EP released at the start of our Summer 2013 tour in anticipation of "Farthest Seas." The minivan pictured on the album art is our "Tour Bus," and it happens to be a Chrysler Touring. Thus, we felt the title "The Touring EP" was appropriate.

From the Dust (2011)

Psalm's first full-length, studio-produced album. Hear some of our favorite classics like "By Your Side" and "New Day," as well as covers of Katy Perry, Paramore, Brooke Fraser, Mumford & Sons and more!